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Actived: Sunday Nov 22, 2020


Encouraging use of coupons to stimulate condom purchase.

METHODS: Two levels of coupon discount value (10% off and 75% off) were used to promote condom purchase among young adults. Coupons were distributed according to a widespread strategy or a more focused in-store disbursement method. RESULTS: Redemption of coupons distributed through the widespread disbursement strategy was negligible.

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Peer Reviewed: Online Grocery Store Coupons and Unhealthy

The number of coupons available per retail chain ranged from 58 to 508. The largest percentage of coupons was for processed snack foods, candies, and desserts (25% of all online coupons); prepared meals (14% of all online coupons); and cereals (11% of all online coupons) (Table). Approximately 12% of coupons were for beverages, more than half

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Impact of brand drug discount cards on private insurer

RESULTS: We studied 2.82 million prescriptions for 89 different medications for which brand discount cards were used. Use of discount cards resulted in 46% higher private insurance expenditures than comparable generic prescriptions (+$23.09 per prescription, 95% confidence interval [CI] $22.97 to $23.21).

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A Supermarket Double-Dollar Incentive Program Increases

Secondary analyses examined changes among SNAP-eligible participants. RESULTS: Coupons were redeemed among 53% of eligible baskets. Total weekly F&V spending increased in the intervention arm compared with control ($1.83; 95% confidence interval [CI], $0.29 to $3.88). The largest increase was for fresh F&V ($1.97; 95% CI, $0.49 to $3.44).

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Effect of Flagella on Initial Attachment of Listeria

Coupons were removed at various intervals, and unattached cells were removed by rinsing the coupons four times with 10 ml of PBS. To determine the level of attachment by viable count, the rinsed coupons were placed in 5 ml of maximum recovery diluent (Oxoid) in a universal tube and vortexed (Whirlimixer; Fisons) at maximum speed for 2 min to

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National Center for Biotechnology Information

National Center for Biotechnology Information

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