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Create a Minecraft server in any of our 9 global locations! Play with low latency from anywhere in the world. *GGServers is not affiliated with any of the projects listed above. All names, logos, images, and brands are property of their respective owners. Multicraft Control Panel.

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Order a Minecraft Server | GGServers

50% OFF Your First Invoice. Use coupon code: 1024 MB RAM • $6.00 /mo STONE PREMIUM PACKAGE. Vint Hill, Virginia Location • 12 Players • Change. let's start with your name! Please provide your minecraft username below. NEXT Step. Preparing plan options PLEASE WAIT A SECOND. Stone

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Pixelmon Servers | GGServers

50% OFF Your First Invoice. Use coupon code: All Server Types; Pixelmon; Pixelmon. About Server Type. Pixelmon is a community created mod that allows you to bring Pokemon to Minecraft! What if you could bring the wonderful world of Pokemon and combine it with the multiplayer sandbox elements of Minecraft? Well you can with Pixelmon.

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Forge Servers | GGServers

50% OFF Your First Invoice. Use coupon code: All Server Types; Forge; Forge. About Server Type. Forge is an open sourced modding API that facilitates alterations to Minecraft on both the client and server side. All of the most popular modpacks are built on Forge. It is an extremely powerful API that opens up infinite possibilites to how

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Feed the Beast Servers | GGServers

About Server Type. Feed the Beast offers a collection of popular modpacks that can easily be installed using their own launcher. Feed the Beast modpacks are a great introduction to modded Minecraft as the modpacks are easy to access and have been tried, tested and developed over the years.

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Paper Servers | GGServers

About Server Type. PaperMC provides a high performance fork of Spigot that maintains all of the benefits and adds extra optimizations. If you're looking to run a Minecraft server that makes use of plugins whilst also optimizing performance, Paper or PaperSpigot is the solution you are looking for.

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About Us | GGServers

About Us mission statement. Since 2013, we've been focusing on providing high quality game servers at an affordable price. Our mission is to make the process as easy for you as possible by providing the right tools, the right support and the right hardware to get the job done.

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Spigot Servers | GGServers

About Server Type. Spigot is a fork of Craftbukkit, which was the original API for facilitating server plugins. Spigot takes things much further by providing additional optimizations and utilities.

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Twitch Modpack Servers | GGServers

About Server Type. The Twitch app offers a large amount of modpacks for Minecraft developed by the community. The app makes it very easy for developers to distribute their modpacks as it downloads the files and configures the Minecraft launcher for you.

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Partners | GGServers

50% OFF Your First Invoice. Use coupon code: Partner Program Our Partners. We're always looking to work with other great projects and content creators! Scroll down to apply for partnership today. Enjin. Enjin allows you to create an awesome website for your gaming community without any experience needed!

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Minecraft Server Hosting Plans | GGServers

Start a Minecraft server in any of our 9 locations located all over the world! Pick the location closest to you and your users for the lowest ping possible in game. Premium plans enable you to pick any location.

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